"Det är jobbigt för ekorren att försörja sig"

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Dear Bernd,

I keep trying to call and can't seem to get a line out or something. Most likely it is the Bard phone system. xxxxxx did tell me about her project with you. I wish you both all the best.

We want to speak with you about a re-purposing of "the shed" and I did not want to do it as an e-mail for obvious reasons but for time reasons I will. I know that we just made the contract and have another year on our agreement for the shed.

xxx is advising a second-year grad student, Karin xxxxxxxx, on her project coming up this spring. Karin wants to work with a Pittsburgh-based artist Jon xxxxx, whose practice examines how certain physical, social and cultural structures impact human interaction. The proposal is to collaborate with the local Hudson Valley Pigeon Association to engage visitors and potential visitors with a homing pigeon project. Tom suggested that you might be amenable to allowing the shed to move on to a new life as the pigeon coop. Of course after that it would not only be re-designed but bear the residue of pigeon life. We would then have to move it on to Bard Recycling.

Please, I would like your honest response to this proposal. I look forward to hearing from you.

best regards,


Dear Bernd,

I have not heard from you. I suspect because you are so busy but also because this is not pleasant news.



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